Ynject, directly into the tree.

Innovative device for trees and palm trees treatments.

Many infestations and diseases can be treated with Ynject.

These include:

  • Red palm weevil
  • Paysandisia archon and Diocalandra frumenti
  • Processionary caterpillar
  • Tomicus piniperda or Pine moth
  • Sycamore lace bug
  • Elm leaf beetle
  • Horse chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria)
  • Lice, Psyllids, Whiteflies and Ladybirds
  • Phytophthora
  • Rot

What is Ynject?

Ynject is an innovative application device for the palm trees and ordinary trees treatment. It consist of a connector and a pressurized bottle. It is made by a special solution, to which the necessary doses of phytosanitary must be added and then injected directly to the heart of the trunk.

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How it works?

Ynject is used to inject its contents directly into the plant vascular system, obtaining a more uniform and effective distribution and action of the product inside the tree.

Ynject does not change the preparation and dosing processes of the phytosanitary product, which remain the same as the shoulder-carried pumps or other traditional devices or machines.

Practical guide

The active ingredients that can be used for the treatments and the tree species that can be treated vary from Country to Country, according to the national laws.

Problem What to use When to use it Species
BEETLE 1 application a year with Ynject Power + Abamectin (2 ml/Ynject) or Imidacloprid (2 g/Ynject) or Thiamethoxam (2 g/Ynject) Between 15 March and 31 May Elm
MINERS 1 application a year with Ynject Power + Abamectin (2 ml/Ynject) or Imidacloprid (2 g/Ynject) or Thiamethoxam (2 g/Ynject) Between 1 April and 31 July Citrus, Horse chestnut and other ornamental species
LICE 1 application a year with Ynject Power + Acetamiprid (2 g/Ynject) or Dimethoate (4 ml/Ynject) Between 1 April and 30 June Acacia, Ash, Laurel, Oak, Melia, Catalpa, Willow, Bougainvillea, Lime, Plum, Citrus and other ornamental trees
PROCESSIONARY CATERPILLAR 1 application a year with Ynject Mini + Abamectin (3,5 ml/Ynject) Between 15 October and 15 January Pine and other conifer tress
WHITEFLY 1 application a year with Ynject Power + Acetamiprid (2 g/Ynject) or Dimethoate (4 ml/Ynject) Between 1 May and 31 July Ficus, Magnolia, Laurel, Citrus and other ornamental trees
LADYBIRD 1 application a year with Ynject Power + Thiamethoxam (2 g/Ynject) or Dimethoate (4 ml/Ynject) Between 15 April and 30 June Bougainvillea, Albizia, Oak, Ornamental olive, Citrus and other ornamental trees
GOAT MOTH 1 application a year with Ynject Protect + Imidacloprid (2 g/Ynject) or Abamectin (2 ml/Ynject) Between 1 April and 1 July Plum, fruit trees (drupaceous and pomaceous) and other ornamental trees
RED PALM WEEVIL 4 applications a year with Ynject Speciale Punteruolo + Thiamethoxam (2 g/Ynject) or Abamectin (2 ml/Ynject) or Imidacloprid (2 g/Ynject) 1 application every 3 months, starting from March Palmaceous (Canary, Date, Washingtonia, Trachicarpus)
GERMINATION AND GREEN COLOUR OF LEAVES 1 application a year with Ynject Power Before germination or in the period between July and October Citrus, Ornamental olive, Poplar, fruit trees and other ornamental trees
ROOT PROTECTIONAND DEVELOPMENT 1 application a year with Ynject Protect During the period April-May or October-November White cedar, Juniper, Cypress, Oak, Citrus and other ornamental trees

Ynject will give you an absolute advantage.

More sustainable

It emits no phytosanitary products, harmful to humans or animals.

More flexible

The product can be applied at any time of day, whatever the weather conditions.


In all treatment operations, without any need to use protective equipment

More economical

It saves water, energy, phytosanitary products, application times and, above all, the number of applications with a considerable reduction in labour costs.


The injection system increases the persistence and duration of the effects of the product applied.

More effective

It multiplies the effects and efficacy of the product applied.

Ynject professional product line

Ynject, directly into the tree. Devices are exclusively designed for professionals-gardeners and for large-scale maintenances. A specific line has been developed for the domestic use and packed in a handly display.

Ynject Protect

Increases the strength and growth of the roots, essential for the correct absorption of nutrients and water.

Ynject Speciale Punteruolo Rosso

This version is specifically designed to combat Red palm weevil infestations. By adding the insecticide indicated, Ynject performs a dual function: it provides protection against the insect and strengthens the palm tree.

Ynject Power

Restores and maintains the green colour of the leaves. By stimulating the photosynthesis of the tree, Ynject Power improves germination and favours the development of larger leaves and fruits.

Ynject InBag

(UNIVERSAL) This is the pack size for major maintenance works or when a large number of trees have to be treated.

Ynject Professional

(COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL BASE) It contains a balanced mixture of all the essential elements and is particularly indicated to stimulate the response of the tree to events that have resulted in a general weakened condition.

Ynject Mini Stop Processionaria

In a new pack size, the same worldwide, technically designed to inject the insecticide into the trunk of pines and guarantee its total absorption in less than 3 hours.

How Ynject is used Ynject?

Drill a hole in the truck

Drill a hole slightly downwards into the trunk to a depth of about 8 cm. For trunks with a circumference of less than 50 cm, the depth should be limited to about 4-5 cm.

Insert the connector

With the aid of a hammer, insert the longer end of the connector until it is firmly fixed in the trunk.

Connect Ynject

Turn the bottle upwards, screwing until it locks in place. The number of holes to be drilled is calculated according to the size of the trunk, drilling one hole per 25-30 cm of circumference.

Remove Ynject

Three hours after application, the Ynject device is to be removed. By pulling and twisting it with a pair of pincers, the connector can be removed easily.

Cover the hole

Having removed the connector from the trunk, close the hole with Cortexa mastic.

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